Takeout specialtiesMatsuzakaya Chikaten

Takeout Manu

At the Matsuzakaya Chikaten, located within Gochiso Paradise on the first basement floor of the flagship Nagoya Matsuzakaya department store, we have prepared an exclusive takeout menu.

If you need to pick up some souvenirs or presents when you visit Nagoya...

You can even enjoy the tastes of Atsuta Houraiken at home.


Renovated Shop And New Products

Our “Preserved Eel Boiled In Soy”makes for a perfect souvenir or gift.

Mabushishigure And Sanshoni Set
(With Bowl)
7,200 Yen (tax incl.)
Unagi Sanshoni/Mabushishigure (W/O Bowl)
1: 3,500 Yen (tax incl.)
2: 6,500 Yen (tax incl.)
With Bowl
1: 3,850 Yen (tax incl.)
2: 6,850 Yen (tax incl.)
One Bowl (Perfect as a gift.)
350 Yen (tax incl.)

Unagi Sanshoni

Sanshoni is eel boiled together with tamari, sake, and green Japanese peppercorn for a long time, and then preserved. The secret sauce gives it a hot, spicy flavor.


Mabushishigure is a preserved dish that has been thoroughly boiled in a giant kettle by skilled craftsmen. The secret sauce gives it a sweet flavor.